Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory

Dear Senator Shafer:

Let me thank you for your leadership and sponsorship of the “Save the Cure Act.” I fully support Senate Bill 148 because human life is sacred and this legislation enhances the life and dignity of the human person.

Creating the Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank will provide for the umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid that are rich in stem cells to be used for scientific research and medical treatment without destroying human life at any stage of development.

Governor Perdue’s action in 2006 to set up a Commission to befin the effort for a cord blood bank was an important step forward.  I urge the Georgia General Assembly to pass SB 148 in 2007 to fulfill the charge in the Newborn Umblical Cord Blood Bank.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Wilton D. Gregory
Archbishop of Atlanta