Catholic Medical Association

Dear Senator Shafer,

After reviewing Senate Bill 148, also known as the “Saving the Cure Act,” on behalf of the Catholic Medical Association, I would like to give you my wholehearted support of this very important bill. Our organization supports research and the use of stem cells to treat diseases, provided that it does not involve the destruction of human embryos. We are well aware that non-embryonic stem cells have already proven to be of benefit in treating over 100 disorders, many hematologic, with great potential benefit to treat injuries from heart attacks and spinal cord injuries.

The distorted media presentation of stem cell research, holding out hope for patients if embryonic stem cells are used, and without revealing the important, successful research in the use of non-embryonic stem cells has hampered the efforts of researchers in this field. Every day, thousands of women deliver babies in this country, without realizing that the cord blood, placenta and amniotic fluid, available in abundance but normally discarded, may hold the cure for an illness in a family member or stranger.

I applaud your efforts to provide a network of postnatal tisse and fluid banks in partnership with research institutions and private companies to further the research in this area and allow for stem cell therapy to be more readily available.


Kathleen M. Raviele, M.D.
President-Elect, Catholic Medical Association
Secretary-Treasurer, Atlanta Guild of the Catholic Medical Association