Georgia Christian Coalition

Dear Senator Shafer:

I write on behalf of the Georgia Christian Coalition to offer our strongest possible endorsement of your Seante Bill 148, the Saving the Cure Act. We wholeheartedly support your proposed creation of the Georgia Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank and the Georgia Commission to Save the Cure.

The raging moral controversy over destructive embryo research has obscured the real world medical successes achiefed with adult and other “nondestructive” stem cells. If you will pardon the bold comparison, like Moses, you have led us out of the wilderness of ethical dilemma to advance the types of live saving medical research to which no one poses a moral objection.

Your bill and its well researched and well written findings also have the benefit of being consistent with President Bush’s strong principled stand in support of a culture of life. This most urgently needed bill will advance the work of Governor Perdue’s Commission for Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Research and Treatment.

Passage of the Saving the Cure Act is one of our top legislative priorities for this session. As you know, I have pledged, where possible, to make clear to lawmakers, well in advance of a vote, the items that will be a “scorecard” issue. I am pleased to say this measure and the various votes will be an election scorecard issue. We are ready to mobilize our grass roots membership behind this bill. Let me know how we can help in this important effort.

Faithfully yours,

Jim Beck
Georgia Christian Coalition