Georgia Family Council

Dear Senator Shafer,

Thank you for introducing SB 148.  We strongly support “Saving the Cure.”

We are pro-research and scientific discovery and certainly hope for and want to move towards the day when many of the diseases that plague our families will have a cure.

At the same time, there are certain stem cell research practices which raise ethical and health concerns for Georgia Family Council and many other groups and citizens of our state.

Rather than delaying research and potential progress while we debate and carefully weight the implications of some of these practices, your bill allows Georgia to move forward in encouraging and funding the types of research that have none of the ethical or health related complications mentioned above.

We believe SB 148 will lead to more umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid and postnatal tissue being donated and available for use in research and existing treatments–ultimately saving lives. This is a public policy end we can all agree with.

Thank you for taking steps to move Georgia forward in the kinds of stem cell research about which there is no debate. We look forward to continuing to deliberate with the legislature on the types of stem cell research that remain controversial–but we are grateful that we will not be holding up the former for the latter.


Randy Hicks
Georgia Family Council