Medical Association of Georgia

Dear Senator Shafer:

The Medical Association of Georgia supports Senate Bill 148, the Saving the Cure Act.

We recognize the scientific and medical value of umbilical cord blood and other postnatal tissues.  We support creation of the Georgia Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank to collect and store postnatal tissue and fluid for life saving research and medical treatment.

Many diseases are directly caused by the destruction of cells and tissues that the adult human body cannot regenerate.  In these situations, as well as in many others, future cures will almost certainly involve replacing the destroyed tissue or cells.

Umbilical cord blood banking is a safeguard against diseases treatable today, and a real hope for more treatment possibilities tomorrow.

The Medical Association of Georgia appreciates your hard work on this issue and supports your efforts as the legislation moves foward.


S. William Clark III, M.D.
Medical Association of Georgia

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